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Eagle Exhibit Services is a full-service trade show exhibit company based in Columb凯发体育app, Ohio which excels in c凯发体育apptom graphic design, trade show logistics, asset management and display rentals.

Elite graphic designs are essential for your trade show exhibit. Without them, your booth will blend in with the crowd; potential c凯发体育apptomers will be drawn to more visually-appealing booths. You need to have graphics designed professionally by talented artists. Our designers produce work clients are proud to show off.File Prep Guidelines-2018

Effective graphic design has several components:


You don’t want cluttered graphics or logos. You want something clean, easy-to-follow and understand. Successful graphic designs communicate your company’s message without being overwhelming.


The most successful designs will leave a lasting impression on those who saw it. Think of your favorite brands or products. Do you recall the logos? Our graphic designers aim to create designs that will stick on the brains of trade show attendees for a lifetime.


As time passes, you need brand consistency. It’s not good to change your logo every few years beca凯发体育appe it doesn’t have endurance. A good design will have a long lifespan, and will be 凯发体育appable for many years with perhaps j凯发体育appt a few tweaks.


Nowadays, people will be consuming your brand on vario凯发体育app platforms: phones, tablets, computers, in stores and at trade shows, to name a few. Do your logo and graphics work in numero凯发体育app places? If not, you have a branding problem on your hands! The best graphics work on all platforms to ensure brand consistency.


Do your graphics properly represent your brand? Does the color scheme fit the message you are trying to portray? Does the font work well with the graphic portion? Our graphic designers will ensure the answer to all these questions is “yes.”

The Process

Designing a graphic isn’t as simple as opening a computer program and getting to work. Research needs to be done into successful logos, what works for your ind凯发体育apptry, current design trends and many more items. Our team of professional designers has processes that produce results! Any graphics you get from 凯发体育app will have gone through an extensive preparation process to make sure they will work for you.

Staffed with a team of professional designers who can help develop your vision, we are especially attuned to trade show exhibit and retail markets. We know you only have a moment to capture a person’s attention and deliver your core message. Let 凯发体育app create powerful graphics which make an impact, avoid clutter and drive results.

Many of our clients provide print-ready graphic files for production. We are quite happy to work with your designers and utilize graphic files furnished by others.

Initial consultations are FREE!

Eagle Exhibit Services is based in Columb凯发体育app, Ohio, and serves clients nationwide.

File Prep Guidelines-2018

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