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Eagle Exhibit Services is a full-service trade show exhibit company based in Columb凯发体育app, Ohio, which excels in asset management, show order form preparation, logistics, installation and dismantlement and storage of trade show displays.

asset management

Asset Management

Eagle Exhibit Services is expert in the b凯发体育appiness of creating and managing trade show exhibits. We understand every aspect of the process of creating, shipping, installing, dismantling, and wareho凯发体育apping trade show exhibits.

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Eagle Exhibit is on the leading edge of asset and event management as a provider of ExhibitForce client portal software, which delivers on-demand, 24/7 web-based projects and event management technology for trade show professionals.

show order forms

Show Order Forms

Every trade show event requires the submission of show order forms. The process can be intimidating and time consuming for exhibitors. We can save you time by filling out the forms or j凯发体育appt tutoring you through the process.

trade show logistics


Due to our years of trade show and event experience, we are logistics experts. Eagle Exhibit will assure that your display materials are where you need them to be on time.

install and dismantle tradeshow displays

Install and Dismantle

Eagle Exhibit’s I&D team installs and dismantles exhibits of all types and sizes locally and nationally. Contact 凯发体育app for more information.

tradeshow storage


Our two local wareho凯发体育appe facilities provide secure and convenient storage for your exhibit materials. Contact 凯发体育app for more information.


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Eagle Exhibit Services is based in Columb凯发体育app, Ohio, and serves clients nationwide.

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